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oil leak diagnostics gone very far.

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I am trying to diagnose any possible issue.
i have done the tea kettle test no bounce just sitting there but when i laid under the truck and covered breather the other guy watching over the top said the cap moved maybe a 1/4 of an inch
i have a pretty bad oil leak as well trying to track it down day by day today i think i have noticed a good amount may be coming from the blowby tube.
and the other main leak looks to be coming from behind the PCM. these 2 make me concerned of crankcase pressure causing oil leaks.
but the truck runs very strong got 24 mpg going 75mph back from new york to illinois.
the dirty K&N and some dirt on the compressor wheel concerns me as well.
i am just trying to find out if the cylinder walls are dusted how bad would that oil cap bounce? i have been researching everywhere and no one takes into affect every step leading to dusted walls it always seems to be focused on 1 topic.
also want to note the turbo has no shaft play not sure if these get loose and sloppy like the old 80s turbo dodges i am more so familiar with. but holding it and shaking back and forth and in and out it feels crazy tight could not pull out on it and side to side was barely possible if at all may have been my fingers sliding
here is a few pictures of my turbo.

video of tea kettle test(do not have lower hose plugged at this time)

and pictures of the intercooler pipes the close up one is going upwwards into the intake horn.

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Mine was leaking behind the ecm. There is a line that comes from the breather on the valve cover that goes behind the ecm. On mine the rubber hose that connects the the plastic line to the block fitting was hard and cracked leaking oil.
And the leak could very well be from the tappet cover. It behind and above the ECM on left side of block.
Excess blowby will blow the cap off, not just jiggle around the opening. However a K&R filter setup may be a issue. The turbo impeller and inside of IC tube does look dust blasted to me. Clean with no streaking.

Suggest finding leaks and repair. Note the oil consumption by checking regularly. Did it use any on return trip?? Don't get crazy and do something expensive and perhaps unneeded yet. Get RID of the stupid filter and put a BHAF on. You could also have a engine oil analysis run on engine.
well i found the oil leak coming from the breather oil tube, cracked just like rs72z said his was
i did that last week the day after i fixed that had a little coolant leak comming from both
radiator hoses they were both kinda loose the upper looked new i tightened them up but still might just change them and do a coolant flush.
went 2 days no leaks. was getting ready to stop putting a board under it in my driveway.
and today after work i said hell lets see if there is anything under here. and sure enough 2 drips. i pull it in the shop start looking under and at the driver side front corner of the block there is a drip the color of brand new oil almost. could not tell what it was.
i checked the power steering it was very low and after looking around found the old cap had blown off someone lost it and bought a new one but never topped the fluid off.
id like to flush it if i dont find a leak cause it does not look to be ATF+4.

but not sure what this fluid can be old either its power steering fluid or coolant that sprayed down the block, cause the oil sure as hell would not look that color.
any advise as to this leak now would be great.

oh and also i have already put an amsoil dry filter with pre filter on the truck the k&n was yanked and saved for a gas motor.
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oh yeah and my truck has the green stuff in it
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