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oil leak, blowing all over radiator,

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Numerous oil leaks in past with this 2000 dodge 3500 24 valve cummins. I'm not much of a "gearhead" just a girl pulling my horses around, wondering why every other month something else is leaking in this truck, I bought it with 44,000 miles on it in 2003 .Thank heavens i bought an extended warranty on it , everything fuel related has gone on it, vacuum pump seal, front end, complete brake line plus brakes, rear end and it seems some seal somewhere all the time is leaking. I'm ready to give up!!!!!! someone heard the truck drive by the other day and swears an injector is gone???? currently in shop for gear oil leaking backend of drive shaft and leaking inside front right tire(gear oil)
any suggestions on leak???? oil one???
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Dodge Cummins. If it ain't leakin' oil somethin's wrong.

Really though, it sucks. Mine has the vaccum seal out, but thats gonna get fixed soon.
where are you from? ive had a lot of leaks on mine also.. got a majority of them fixed... but it could be blowby coming out of the tube getting on your radiator...
I though that I had fixed my leaky oil pan on my 12 valve and nope, still leaks. dont know what other than.....sounds about right to me.
If you are getting a continual list of oil leaks, I would get the oil pan level cheaked to be sure you do not have to much oil in it. Then I would make sure your vents are all clear and the hoses are not plugged. Some people put a can on them to catch the blow-buy and if it is restrictive it will preasureize the crankcase and excelerate oil leaks. If you run you engine at high RPM it will also blow oil out. PLAY SAFE!
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