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Oil Change

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What's yer favorite brand of oil and how often are you changing it?

I always thought a diesel could go 10K before an oil change, but the manual says "NO!".

Are you hardcore dieselers doing some kind of viscosity check to determine the 'right' time?

'03 2500 QCSB 4x4 stock plus 4in turbo back running Smarty #5
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Many doing extended drains do use lab testing to see when to change it.

I myself am going by the 7500 mile changes, using Rotella T synthetic blend in use member and full synthetic in winter. I plan on adding an Amsoil bypass filter soon as well.
I change oil at 7500 miles in my 2005 dodge diesel
I use Baldwin oil filters
Shell rotella 15w40 oil

I do not put that many miles on my truck, if I waited until I had 10000 miles, it might be 6 or 8 months. I do not want that dirty oil and water vapor in my motor that long.

I also use Baldwin fuel filters, change them at 7500 miles.

so far, truck runs good with no problems, 72000 miles.

also use the std 4" thick mopar air filter, these trucks need plenty of clean filtered air.
I send my oil out for analysis every 10k . I do have an oil bypass filter , so it helps out extending change intervals . I always change at 20k regardless of results . Peace of mind . Amsoil 5-40 synthetic .
Delo 400 LE 15-40
Donaldson ELF-7349 Filter
Once a year, 4-5k miles.
118k miles
I do mine like a car, every 3k. I use Fleetguard filters from the Cummins store up here and Valvoline Premium Blue 15w40. Figured using the stuff Cummins recommends can't hurt.
Delo 15w40, Wix oil filter. change mine every 6-7k miles. 158k on the truck.
I run mobil delvac 15-40 and a hastings filter. I change the oil every 5,000 and the fuel filter every 10,000.
On my deleted 08 I use either Rotella 5W40 Synthetic or Delo 5W40 Synthetic (whichever is least expensive from Walmart) every 10K or so miles which is about every 6 to 8 weeks or so. I'm not particular on filters even though that's probably more important but I'll use Napa or Fram.
On my stock '12 I use whatever Bill Luke Dodge uses whenever the truck tells me to change it which has been between 4,500 & 8,000 miles.
I got my truck with 50k mi and started using Delo 15w-40. At the time i actually work in an oil analysis lab and the chevron oils seemed to hold up pretty well. A few year later i added a tuner, a mild one at that, and noticed heavy sooting in my oil. I thought that was strange since even on the highest setting my tuner wouldn't make my truck smoke. I would drive about 2500 miles on fresh oil and it would look real bad. I started reading up on it and made the switch to Valvoline Premium Blue 15w-40. At the same time i started buying the Amsoil oil filters as well.

Ever since the change I can go 5k to 7k miles before the oil starts to look very "sooted" and that is when i normally will change it.

Right now in my area Advance Auto has the valvoline premium blue on sale for $12.99/gal. I try to stock up when it goes on sale.
Valvoline Premium Blue 15w40 with Baldwin filters every 5K
I also use Valvoline 15w40 with a fleet guard filter and i also go every 3 or 3,500. As stated above you can't go wrong with cummins parts to me its worth the piece of mind.
Picked up a 07 5.9 a few months ago. Then found a great deal on some blue flame 5w40 and used a Donaldson filter.
Seams to be awesome stuff got about 3k miles on it so far.

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Amsoil w/ extended filter and 10k drops. Tests fine when sent out too which simply blows me away!
Fleet guard filters every time and cenex maxtron 15W40 every 5000 miles or 250 hours

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I run Mobil delvac 1300 15w-40 with a Donaldson elf-7349 filter. My oci is about 8k mi based on my analysis from blackstone. I run the snot out of it btw.
Rotella and wix every 7-10k miles. Anyone changing their oil before 6000 is wasting money and not helping their engine. I've done oil analysis on delo, rotella, and synthetic. Very little difference. Definitely not enough to justify synthetic or change any oil before 6000.
I run the Mag 1 stuff, its cummins approved and recommended. I also use a mopar/cummins filter. I go about 8,500 km on one change.
Valvoline extreme blue 5w40
fleetguard filter
every 10k
Mobil 1 Turbo Diesel Oil 5w40
Mobil 1 Extended Performance Filter
By-Pass Oil Filtration System

Change oil between 10-12,000 KM (6200 - 7500 miles)
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