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Oil Change

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Ok I'm sure I've seen this topic here before but I can't find it. I thought I read that most people were getting around 10000-12000kms per oil change. I had the oild changed when I bought the truck and I had around 10000kms before the oil change message came on. I put synthetic in this time and now I'm barely at 4400kms and the message is coming on?? All of the kms have been on the hiway and the only thing I have hauled in the box is my quad. Does anyone else go by the sensor or by kms?
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Check your oil level. I think these things have an oil over fill sensor or something to that effect because they know after a lot of regens they put a lot of diesel in the oil.
My oil life has been anywhere from 3500 km to 13000. I change it when the light comes on. For what it's worth, I always get the longest life out of it when towing my 5th wheel.
I change mine every 5,000 miles but I do a lot of highway miles and a lot of off road. Plus the guys I work with do it for me and with our company discount it only costs me 5 bucks and some change for the filter and the oil is free.
I don't follow the overhead message. I change my oil at the recommended interval and have oil analysis performed at that time. If anything is out of spec, it would show on the report. It's all on my page if you want to check it out.
I think the overhead measures key cycles anyway to tell you when to change it. I think. I swore I read that somewhere on here. Is that right?

That's why I never pay attention to it. I avg. starting my truck 15 times per day, so key cycles make no difference to me. I use Valvoline Premium Blue and it gets changed every 7500. Period.
Mine came on like the 3rd start after I changed the oil and reset it...
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