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Alright ladies and gentlemen, girls and boys!!!!!! It is time for the BlackedoUT diesel members have the second annual dyno day

Lets get some of you nevada guys Up here to show us what you have!!!!! Cash prizes!!!!!

The Venue:

The Venue is going to be gillette diesel service like last year they were gracious and kind enough to let us soot up their shop in the middle of winter last time this time it won't be so frigid

The Time and date of the dyno is going to be march 19th or the 26th (or possibly April 2nd but most likely in march) at 8 am we should be starting The exact date will be announced when rich gets back to me( he thought that he may have something on the 26th

I just want to take the time to thank rich and matt and all the other boys at gillette diesel service for all the help in getting this together!!!! you guys are awesome

so lets start a list on who will for sure be dynoing there vehicle

there will be classes like last year we will have a stock turbo, single class, compounded turbo class and an extreme/wide open class

Stock turbo class:
This class should be pretty self explanatory. stock turbo no upgrade to the forced induction system(exceptions include intake, exhaust, etc.)

Single turbo Class:
This too should be quite self explanatory. This class is for those that have an upgraded turbo I.E. s300's, single S400's, garretts no adders like water meth or nitrous allowed in this class. If you would like to run with the power adders on you will be able to do so by giving up one run that does not count towards the class that you have registered in.

compounded turbo Class:
This class is for those with twin turbo sets and triples as well that did not come stock on the truck( The only stock twinned trucks are fords and they are allowed in the stock turbo class). Any size twins sets ARE allowed!!!!! only rule is again NO POWER ADDERS TO AID IN SPOOLUP!!! gillette's dyno does load but, if you have a huge set that don't spool without nitrous I suggest you register in extreme/Wide open class. again if you would like to run your nitrous/ watermeth and not re register in another class you can forfeit one run that won't count towards the prizes for your class you are registered in

Extreme/wideopen Class:
This class is for those that are running power adders I.E. nitrous. anything goes no holds barred. bring on the pain!!!!!!!!!!!!

lets get all the people to this that we can!!!!! there will be cash prizes and I am trying to get some shwag flowed to us from multiple diesel companies

Thanks guys for all the great loyalty and wonderful and unique contributions that y'all make to the chapter

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Always wanted to dyno, but then again it's all stock (the motor that is).
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