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off to a good start!!

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went against my buddy's thoughts and bought a 24v. had my 12v for a year, and finally wanted something newer.

well. bought the truck with quite some mileage (238k) but seemed in decent shape and got a good deal on it!

ran perfect when i checked it out and test drove it. on the 250 mile journey home ; the radio stopped working :doh: and about half way home it started to get the infamous vp44 cpu dead pedal from 65-72 mph :banghead:

ehh whatever i said, shes a project truck/DD anyway.

get home, but a new headunit and rewire it. yeaaaa. put on my FBD 5" OH YEAAAA. drove her for 4 days, annnnnnnd the remanufactured transmissions 5th gear synchro detent splits in half and locks the truck in 5th. :hehe:

finally got the 5th/reverse assembly from nationaldrivetrain (great guys by the way) and put it on today. hopefully get the trans up and in tomorrow. left that bellhousing on there so i wouldnt have to deal with dropping the whole thing.

for the time i drove it i liked it alot! hahaha

so far so good right here! owned it for a month! driven it 4 days!
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Yep, know what you mean. I had been driving my brother in laws truck for a couple days while i waited on the bank check to clear from selling my other truck and it ran great. So i get the $$ and head to his house and start having a dead pedal.:doh: So he got the cash and i got to park the truck and pull the pump. Luckily he just put a pump on it last NOV. and its warranty:thumbsup:... i hope:confused013:
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