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OEM Rad cover with aftermarket bumper

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Hey guys, I've done a bunch of searching but can't really find anything on the subject.

Basically my dad has a 2006 Ram 3500 with an aftermarket front bumper. It's been awfully cold around here so I've been thinking of getting him a rad cover for christmas. I like the idea of the OEM style one where you can vary the amount of air coming through the front. It's his DD and he doesn't tow much in the winter but he does sometimes so it would be good if he can easily let more through when he needs it. Temps have been getting down below -40C (-40F) with the wind chill and -35C (-31F) without so naturally she has some warming up issues.

Anyway, here is the one I'm looking at (I know the photo is of the newer gen models but the part number is for the older gen). From what I could find the one that is for his gen doesn't go up front like the photo it attaches to the rad support.

Thanks in advance for any insight or suggestions on other covers that may be better suited etc.

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I have the over the condenser winter front and it works great.
As funny as this may sound / seem ....

I have a KENWORTH W900L ( semi truck ) winterfront zip tied to the upper support bar and along the sides. The winter front is a black quilted ( diamond pattern ) with 4 doors you can open / close. It does hang down under the front bumper by roughly 6" which is ok by me. The ones we had a shop all have eyelets around the sides which make it real easy to zip tie up.

I also put one on my wifes 5.7 HEMI sport. These are both BEHIND THE GRILL and not in front. Here are some pictures of the winter front on my truck ( KW ),

Don't get me wrong... It's NOT a perfect fit on the RAM's but it works pretty damn good. I had a couple old ones laying around the shop so i made use of them but, the winterfronts on both my truck and my wifes are whats pictured above. I will go out later and take pictures of mine and my wifes with the winterfronts on.
The "L" model KW ( Extended hood ) has a real close grill width as the RAM's.
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