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Odessa/midland guys have a inspection ?

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I just recently moved out here to Odessa and my inspection sticker is going out at the end of the month

Is there anywhere to go that's not gonna hassle me for not having my EGR and having a straight exhaust??

Thank you-
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there is no emmision inspection out her so i'm pretty sure a mom and pops place will do it. PM taquache i know he had to take his gals truck to a certain place since it was a gas to diesel conversion and they were giving him crap about it. Welcome to the wasteland.....
i doubt half these guys know what emission stuff is supposed to be there. I havent seen one climb under a truck yet. They had a post on here about it awhile back. think they mentioned a few places...
Part of the inspection is exhaust and they are cracking down on it. They also are cracking down on tint, troopers are looking for it too.
Texas Department of Public Safety - Inspection Criteria for the Annual SAFETY Inspection

Check out the link. Diesels are exempt from emissions testing. Commercial vehicles may be examined closer for stock exhaust during a DOT inspection, but personal use trucks are not.
Check this link out on the actual inspection check list, muffler is still needed no matter what type of vehicle.
1 - 4 of 13 Posts
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