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I have an 06 5.9l with about 120,000mi with an airaid intake, very loud straight pipe, and a Superchips programmer ran on eco, and a gauge pod.

I started noticing this sound about 5000 miles ago. I just now got my last oil change analysis sent in, and i just started noticing the noise around the oil change.

I only notice the noise when it was cold enough for my truck to idle up at start up, and when I'm holding rpms above 1800. It sounds like a cyl may not be putting out as much compression or power as the others.

My analysis didn't show alot of fuel, or any coolant or water. He said that lead was a little high, but not enough to raise any concern as it may just be a "streak".

My EGTs aren't up, but I only have one probe and it's in a bad spot on the manifold. I just checked and adjusted the valves.

So, could this be that the CP3 is out of time? Or does this not sound like one of those cases? Any ideas and I will try them.
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