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OBD2 Reading No link

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If anyone has read any of my last threads you will
Realize I left this truck apart for too long.
I am currently trying to get the fuel pump to
Come on. I have power to the dash and the starter
Will spin over but when I plug in the scanner it reads
No link? Any help is appreciated.
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Check your connections on the harness.

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I am going to run through my main plugs tonight.
Do you happen to know what exactly grounds the ecm?
Thanks for the reply.
that what sucks about it. there are SEVERAL grounds. check them all.
Do you happen to know exactly where the ground closest to the ecm and motor mount
Goes. I have one grounded through one of the studs on the ecm. That same ground is connected to another about 4" away. I have it on the motor mount! Does that seem correct? Thanks
that wire goes from the stud on the ecm, to the stud on the bracket thats attached to the block, then to the harness.

as long as you are metal to metal and making good contact it should be all the same.
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BAD Ground or fuse blown, not allowing scanner to link
i had the same problem saying no link from OBD but mine was after going through a flood and a fuse had popped.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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