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O/D Lock Switch Relocation

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For the auto guys out there, has anyone relocated their O/D switch? I'd like to install a fuel pressure gauge in the dash where it sits. I already have a block of accessory rocker switchers with a couple blanks remaining, so was thinking I could simply add a switch and connect it there.

Anyone know how complicated the stock wiring of this switch is and if this would be possible?

I'm also open to ideas for other locations for the FP gauge. I already have the 3-gauge A-pillar, and am not too big on the steering column pod that appears to badly obstruct the speedo.


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I don't know why you couldn't relocate it to a rocker switch, when you unplug the wires from the back of the dash switch just add longer wires to the existing ones that will reach to the new switch. In the 11 years that I drove my 97 never once did I ever shut the OD off so unless it's something that you always do it wouldn't matter where you would relocate your switch.
Thanks. I couldn't see why not either but wanted to make sure.

Daily driving I don't use mine either, but for the occasional tow I find it useful when pulling grades. The factory location, as well as my relocation, are absurd places to place such a switch but I don't use it enough to care.
It needs to stay a momentary switch if he wants to keep the PCM in control of OD/TCC.
This is exactly the sort of technical info I was looking for. Going to research this some more. Thanks Dauntless.
So in laymen's terms, a "momentary" switch is a switch that returns to its original position when pressed (as the factory O/D Off button does).

I'm guessing this is important because if it was a conventional switch and was toggled on, the switch would override the PCM and TC would remain locked even at slower speeds when the truck goes into 1st & 2nd?

Looks like this is what I need.
All very helpful stuff, Dauntless. Thank a lot.

I think the easiest and most fail-safe approach will be to simply relocate the factory button. I'll try cutting a square in one of the plastic blanks on the rocker switch block. With any luck, the factory wiring harness is long enough and I won't even need to worry about lengthening it as it's only moving 3-4 inches towards the passenger.
Swap in a 98+ column shifter. Best way to go for a clean install.
This would certainly be the cleanest. Are you aware of any write-ups? I haven't been able to find anything. Seems it isn't a terribly common mod.
1 - 6 of 14 Posts
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