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nv5600 broken any ideas

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Not sure if its something with the clutch but it sounds like its coming from the back or middle of the transmission.
If its just sitting in neutral truck at idle it sounds like something is just sittin in there clunkying around and it grabs and kinda seems to jump into gear but it torques the whole motor. Doesn't constantly do it but about every min any ideas? Prices? Parts? Maybe a whole new tran?
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Did you play with it reel hard!!! Maybe two weeks ago and everything seemed fine then!!! The plan is remove, disassemble, growl over the expense, buy the parts and get on with life. Drain the fluid, and remove one cover. See the metal schrads in bottom of housing and start growling at yourself.
yeah i would say you chipped a tooth of a gear. been there done that.
Sounds to me that you have a bearing failure causing the shafts to misalign. The input bearing can fail as a result of the pilot bushing being bad. The rear bearings can fail due to poor lubrication, hence the reason people overfill them. For prices and parts we will need to know the year of the truck and transmission. As the transmissions have changed slightly over the years.
I overfill by 1 quart in hopes that this does not happen to me. Next clutch job I am also doing the heavy duty pilot bearing/flywheel combo. Good luck, let us know what you find.
thanks for the info. i am going to tare it down soon!
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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