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if i do the swap from my 47re to the nv4500 what do i need as far as electronics? is there an ecm? ANd what about the neutral safety switch? would i need to bypass the neutral safety switch and if so how would i do ti:thumbsup

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No you wont need a new ecm. Some say you have to get the ecm you already have and get it flashed. Some say you don't. I've only been running mine for a day but I sure don't feel like I've lost any power. I don't think the reflash is necessary.

For the wiring to make it all work. You take the Neutral Safety Switch plug from the old automatic trans. It has three wires. The two outer wires on it are your reverse lights and you have to attach them to the plug on the nv4500 tranny. The center wire you have to run up to the Clutch Safety Switch. It will tap into one wire on the CSS and the other wire on the CSS is to be grounded on the firewall.

That's all that it takes as far as wiring goes.
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What about that big plug on top the trans with all those wires coming to it?
all the Nv4500s that i've seen only have one electrical connection on them, on the driver's side, with two wires going to it for the back up lights.

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Yup, just the one electrical connector on the top of the left side, then the big bundle of vacuum crap for the 4WD, but I assume that's unchanged from an automatic truck.

The clutch safety switch is a two-wire normally-open affair. Pushing down the clutch completes the start circuit. I jumpered the wires so the start circuit is armed (so to speak) regardless of clutch pedal position.

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