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nv4500 4th gear chatter

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hey, i just finished a nv4500 swap in my 2001 dodge 2500 i rebuilt the transmission with an updated mainshaft and all new bearings and synchros, when i shift into 4th gear it is real loud chatter till it get to about 35mph to 40mph what could cause this i dont have the correct shift boot on it so it lets in some noise but it doesnt sound right, thanks
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I am thinking I have the same problem. Thought it was injectors making noise under a load/decent amount of throttle due to my edge timing since as the l turn up the programmer it gets louder. But that made no sense because it did it from 1400-1700 RPMs in fourth gear but at the same RPMs in 5th noise. No matter the load or throttle. So I figure it's fourth gear. It's fine with light throttle or easy driving. But turn up the power and there it is. Not real loud but noticeable to me. Just wondering if anyone has found any fixes to this problem?
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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