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nv4500 4th gear chatter

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hey, i just finished a nv4500 swap in my 2001 dodge 2500 i rebuilt the transmission with an updated mainshaft and all new bearings and synchros, when i shift into 4th gear it is real loud chatter till it get to about 35mph to 40mph what could cause this i dont have the correct shift boot on it so it lets in some noise but it doesnt sound right, thanks
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i could be completely wrong here, but just throwing my 2 cents in.. mine was doing the same thing in fourth gear, and i ended up swapping in a new rebuilt transmission.. i thought it would fix the problem, but it still did it... so i searched around some more, and i haven't found out for sure yet, but i'm thinking my problem is in my rear end, one of the bearings.

i also put new u-joints in and it made it a little quieter, but its still there. I may be off , but just thought i'd throw the idea out there
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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