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nv4500 4th gear chatter

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hey, i just finished a nv4500 swap in my 2001 dodge 2500 i rebuilt the transmission with an updated mainshaft and all new bearings and synchros, when i shift into 4th gear it is real loud chatter till it get to about 35mph to 40mph what could cause this i dont have the correct shift boot on it so it lets in some noise but it doesnt sound right, thanks
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My 2000 dually does this as well. It was barely noticable with the stock clutch(made it 150k). With the SB Con FE it makes quite the racket. Typically 14-1700rpm range and mainly in 4th gear, sometimes 3rd very very slight and only for a split second. Increases with engine load and throttle input. New U-joints last year but prior to tranny r/r. Maybe the installer trashed the u-joints or carrier bearing. I'm due to change rear diff oil this season. I will report back if anything is found or fixed.

Not sure if something else has changed with the new clutch install but a local tranny guy(not the installer) said it sounds "loose". I asked him to expound and he replied with, ..."sounds loose".haha. No big deal according to him, said it looks like I got a good one(NV4500 that is) when asked about the notchiness and noise. Who knows, run her til she blows.

@1st Gen: what are your typical shift point on the 3/4 split?
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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