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Well, just saw a sign for this one on the way home. here are the details,

Where: Lawrenceburg Rotary Park, Lawrenceburg, Tn

When:Saturday, May 10th

Start Time: 7:00pm

This place ain't that hard to find. It's down hwy 43 straight into Lawrenceburg past Chapparel's restuarant(excellent place to eat by the way). Seems like it was only a couple stop lights down and you turn right. They had signs out the last time I was there. Seemed like it was a right, then a left turn and you were at the park.

This was a good pull two years ago when I went. It's one of those "official" kinda pulls, grand stands, all that sort of stuff(not the sit in the back of the pickup pulls....which I like)
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