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I got a 02 with a 5600 tranny dd clutch 150hp sticks edge juice w/ attitude fass pusher pump and a ii silver bullet 64 and I'm debating what to do next I daily drive the truck Im thinkin a Hamilton cam a set of 200hp sticks and a hotrod vp 44 just lookin for some input thanks
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hotrod vp44 = waste of money...

its just a sovp44 with a non-wiretap box built into it...

get the same results with a sovp44 and a fueling box.
I'm at 130000 and waiting for my pump to quit so when that day comes just get another stock one?
do you have a goal you want to reach? or just bored and wanna change it up?
nitrous will get you there. a SO vp will get you there but it will be some work. you will need more injector and more air.
Not really into the nitrous thing ya know would stacking a smarty make a difference?
how about studs springs and rods...?
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Studs springs and rods for sure. For 700, a p pump is a thought too. But depends on what you mean by 700 ish. Quite a few here pushing 625-650 with a good ole so vp. But p pump is the route I'll be going for my 750 goal as I'm not a fan of injectables either.
Compounds and bigger injectors. 6x13's are great, lots running em and lots loving em. And an s475 78 or 80 are all an option.

and what do you have against nitrous?

it's nowhere near as dangerous on a diesel as it is on a gasoline...since our fuel is directly injected, there is no fuel in the intake manifold so no risk of a backfire that will blow the intake off the head lol.

also no risk of running too lean because diesels get cooler and safer the leaner they get...too rich is where a diesel gets hotter and closer to the point of meltdown...

nitrous also acts as an intercooler greatly reducing EGTs cleaning up smoke completely, and giving a performance gain at the same time :thumbsup:

downside is you have to refill the bottle when it runs out...
Not really into the nitrous thing ya know would stacking a smarty make a difference?
will actually lower your peak number. you are gonna have to step up to big boy injectors and turbo/s to reach your goal on fuel.
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