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Not sure on which truck to get......

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Looking at an 08 3500 cclb vs a 10 2500cclb both under 100 k miles. Price is about the same but my concern is the deletes. I will be deleting asap after purchase as I commute 40 miles each way to work daily. What truck has better options and more redially available parts. Efi is not an option for 4th gen correct? Is MCC just as good? Thanks and any other info you have would be great.
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Correct, EFILive is not an option for the 2010. However H&S MCC is an option for both pickups and I'm very happy with my MCC tuning from Dave @ Draconian. The pickup is quite a bit smoother on throttle than it was with the older Smarty tuning I was running.

Besides the lack of EFI, there isn't much of a difference in parts availability. The aftermarket support for the 4th gens has come along nicely.

Have you sat inside both of these trucks? I ask because my brother is currently shopping for his first dodge diesel. He was pretty set on a 3rd gen mega...until he sat in a 4th gen. A basic SLT interior in a 4th gen blows away even a Resistol Laramie 3rd gen interior.

Same mileage/condition/price? If you're going to spend over an hour a day in this thing, I'd buy the 4th gen hands down.
yes I am gong to try to make a deal on the 4th gen tomorrow so we will see.
4th gen all the way
I still have my 07 CCsb and back in June bought my 12ccsb. I'm really impressed with the room! I always wanted a mega cab and when I went to look I was happy with just the quad cab!! I would suggest the 12!!

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quad cabs all day.
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