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Not really a suprise, but the 03 won't start!

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I have a 5 pin relay on the cowl by the driver side battery with 4 wires
orange/red stripe, black/white stripe, yellow/white strip and a red.
This relay clicks repeatedly when the key is on. I have brand new batterys
and the engine turns over fine, but will not fire. Does anyone know what this relay is for or where I can get a wireing diagram for this year model? Also what is making the relay click? Thanks
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After signing up at Alldata so I could get some wiring diagrams I see why no one tackles the question about the relay. This truck has me talking to myself
and now answering my on posts!
I really don't know where the lift pump is, its dark and has been raining since Monday. I will look into this tomorrow night. No I don't hear the fuel pump like I normaly do, I was trying to hear it when I heard the relay clicking. This truck ingestest a massive amount of water in December and Dodge replaced the frozen and broke cp3 pump on January 19. I haven't tried to drive it since, my thinking is a rusted lift pump from the water and sitting so long. The relay wiring looks factory, I didn't think of a modification. Thanks for the thoughts

I appreciate the input you all gave--I gave up and decided to take the truck to a new shop that all the farmers take theirs to. Before we made the final appointment the mechanic told me to recheck my ground wires as he recalled something similar. That said I had left a ground wire off from the battery change out, I connected the ground wire and the lift pump worked. I am sure the Doge Dealer would have done the same.
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