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Hi all,

I started out in 2005 with a 99 (53block) 2500 4x4.
here in Europe it is not easy to get performance parts so after discovering several forums, I added 4 inch exhaust, edge EZ stacked with edge fueling box & 275 RV injectors. After some time my tranny was (of course) toast and I installed a DTS tranny. Due to some carreer changes and some lost interest I sold the truck.

Mayby the worst mistake ever :)

So since a couple of days I have a new to me 2001 2 X 4 with 150.000 miles

First impressions, the brakes are much much better.

upcomming mods:
Steering bushings to get the truck through technical inspection
22 inch wheels ( the 24 are to hard and pimp imo)
Repair drivers seat
4 inch exhaust
S300 turbo (the HY isn't going to do it) i have a john deere still lying here with 14cm turbine housing
3.5 back end (we drive fast here on the highway)
edge juice
100 or 150 HP nozzles
DTT tranny rebuild kit (installed localy)
DPC super single single
Audio upgrade
And after being in a lot of passenger cars (Grand cherokee diesel with full SRT8 body, interior and brake conversion, turbo upgrade, DPF, EGR and cat delete 298 WHP, cayenne TT) I think it's to noisy... so some cab soundproofing

Have a nice day


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Welcome back!
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