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Not Enough Smoke

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Well i kind of find this weird and I was wanting yalls opinion...I took the AFC out and put a 4000 governor spring in and it smokes less than before. The fuel screw is the same and everything. What does everybody think is wrong? But there is a good side,I reved to 4000rpm ONCE today and that thing sounds wicked!!:peelout
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Probably building more boost. More air Less smoke. not a bad thing it just more efficient now.
I was thinkin that to but it smokes less now and i figured it would atleast smoke the same. With the AFC out i figured it would be smokin alot more!
well the 4000 spring is turnin that turbo more hence the more air
yeah it sounds alot better. But i still dont get why it isnt smokin more?
yeah it sounds alot better. But i still dont get why it isnt smokin more?
At WOT your not giving it any more fuel than you were before, Just more air from your turbo = less smoke
but this is less low end smoke.
but this is less low end smoke.
maybe its spooling faster:confused013:
do you have a boost gauge?
with no intercooler your egts will prob melt down head. but a aftermarket turbo would help smoke. and a 5 speed. or tight convertor. under load builds smoke. BTW just so you are aware smoke is bad. it should only smoke a few secounds til boost hits
i don't think i'd rev that thing out to 4000 very often, you'll float the valves. i can get mine to 3800 with my 366 spring and i cross my fingers when i hit that.
ditto. especially with you wantin to pull. you need to atleast get 60lb springs
oh yeah i only hit 4000 once and im not doin it again. my valve springs are ordered. And does anyone know where i can get a holset pro 52?
I know what you mean by smoke is bad but i was just asking that question because with no AFC i figured it would smoke alot more. but i guess i was wrong
well no afc is just full fuel. when you floor it you are pushin those rpms high which is making more flow from your turbo. this actually sounds like it was a good modification
I would get a Piro soon
he should of had one before he cranked that pump
well i had one but it got dropped off the truck and bent the bezel in and jumped the pointer to 800. So i have to order another one now.
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