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not another tow mirror question lol

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So I have been thinking of switching from chrome tow to black tow, but what I am noticing is that on every aftermarket mirror site they list chrome tow power turn puddle and memory, but they only list black tow power turn puddle (no memory) is the memory only available in the chrome or can you get the memory in black? I haven't seen any online yet, can you get memory black ones from the dealer (ouch) just curious, I have looked on here and seems like everything else has been covered but this. Thanks
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Well what I'm wondering is I've read where you can have memory in the up position And in the down position so I'm thinking it might be a sensor in the mirror to tell if it's up or down. I haven't used the feature yet though but it sounds handy if I happen to get a camper and go back and forth between up and down.
I've thought about it but want sure how too go about it since the mirror flips. Can I unbolt the chrome piece and dip it that way. I've dipped a grill on another car so I'm familiar with the process.
1 - 3 of 5 Posts
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