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Noob with some questions

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Ok folks, I am about to make my foray into the Diesel world and I am looking at the Late 12v and early 24v 2nd gens. Found this one: 98 CC/LB 5spd 12v

I like it, same color as my turd 95 1500 was, my questions are long, I know all about the KDP, the current owner seems to not know about that and since its a late 98 12v does it have a VP44?? I am very mechanically inclined and this truck seem to fit the bill, whats everyones thoughts?

Plans would include BHAF, LP replacement, Pyro and Fuel PSI gauges, straight thru 4" exhaust and I think I would be happy for sometime.
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More than likely but this truck will be mine for sometime as the wife hate it when I get tired of my current one and go after another one. This time luckly I gave my current 02 2500 Gas Chevy to my dad and I have his 94 Trooper, man if I could find a Mint 4BT to shove in that it would be sweet, but I think we are going to ditch the Chevy and get only good MPG vehicles, hence the reason for this truck.
Its a Club Cab, no doors back there but that does not really bother me much, I am looking at the fact that its a reliable motor, the tranny is ok. I loved my 95 but it was abused before I got it, bent front axle, motor, tranny and transfer case all developed a leak at once and the only thing this truck had on it was a custom exhaust.

If its a 98 12v with that many miles and the KDP still intact how much borrowed time is that motor running on?
Alrighty then, tear into Gear set as soon as I get it, Kill the KDP then, do my BHAF and Exhaust. I might play with the fuel plates after a little more reading!
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