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Noob with some questions

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Ok folks, I am about to make my foray into the Diesel world and I am looking at the Late 12v and early 24v 2nd gens. Found this one: 98 CC/LB 5spd 12v

I like it, same color as my turd 95 1500 was, my questions are long, I know all about the KDP, the current owner seems to not know about that and since its a late 98 12v does it have a VP44?? I am very mechanically inclined and this truck seem to fit the bill, whats everyones thoughts?

Plans would include BHAF, LP replacement, Pyro and Fuel PSI gauges, straight thru 4" exhaust and I think I would be happy for sometime.
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since its a 12v it will not have a vp44 (all 12vs have an p7100 or VE) It also looks like its only a club cab (not a quad cab, but I could be wrong) which would mean its a 98.0, quad cab came out in like 98.2

The guy I bought my truck from was a TDR reader and knew of things like the 5th gear nut, but still didn't know about the KDP!?!

Not sure what current market prices are but last year that would have been a great deal in CA. You will also love the dash design, way better than the 94-97s IMO
the KDP can strike at any time. Its not like it happens at x amount of miles

The p7100 is much more robust than the vp44 and the 12v head is also a little better. The rest is about the same, especially if your talking about a 98
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