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Hey Guys and Gals. This is my first post but I've been on here since I bought my 2014 ram 3500 back in July. This is my second Ram, my First one was a 2012 1500 Extended Cab Laramie with the 5.7. I loved the truck but always wanted a Diesel and my 1500 didn't pull my 28ft travel trailer with the confidence I wanted. So I got my 1 ton, its a single rear wheel Laramie with the black appearance group.

So today I did my first oil change and fuel filter change. The truck only has 7700 kms but I wanted to get good oil in the truck. I also picked up this handly little drain valve system that I got from work. We use these on the service trucks where I work (2012+ ram 5500). There from No Spill Drain Systems. The idea is you keep the drain valve in all the time and when your ready to drain the oil you just unscrew the dust cap and screw on the drain tube(the green tube). The drain tube open the valve inside the drain valve and the oil starts to drain out the tube into your drain pan. It should save on a lot of mess and some time.

This is a picture of the drain plug next to the drain valve.

So I wanted to know how far this drain valve went up inside the oil drain pan. If it goes up to far it will leave oil at the bottom of the drain pan unable to drain. From what I could see and based on the oil I got on my finger it looks like it wont stick up past the drain pan at all.

So this is a pic of it installed on the truck. I bought the low profile version because I know our drain plugs are straight down and wanted to make sure it wasn't going to get hooked on anything.

Everything went pretty good expect for the oil filter.... holy man that thing was on tight. I had my brother going through the fender well with a filter wrench and I took off the intake tube and was trying from the engine bay at same time. I pulled the filter out through the engine bay, it's definitely easier that way. Eventually we got it out and got the new one on. I also took a few pics of the grease nipple on the back of the front drive shaft. I know some people on here had a hard time finding it.

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