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No Running/Parking Lights

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running lights were working when i left the house. but when i was pumping fuel at the station i noticed that they werent on.

checked the 32 and 34 fuse and they are both fine.
everything inside works (cluster, maps, dome, etc.)
the lights work for turn, hazards, braking.
headlights and fogs work as well.

what else is there to look for? thanks guys...
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so just like mine except i have no dash light either lol
hey i just read on another forum that it might be a loss connection under the fuse box. i cant do it right now. maybe u can
ya some more looking if found that the fuse box could be the problem. are trucks have a faulty fuse box and it has to be replace. im going to call my dodge house in the am and talk to them about it
thats where they said it messes up. i talk to the dodge how here today and he said it sounds like it but try to replace the headlight switch first
well good luck. im checking the switch tomorrw. and i hope it fixes it. ive only had the truck like 3 weeks now and im already tired of putting money into it:banghead:. make me miss my first gen lol
i took wire from both the fuses and ran them to a switch then to the battery. i have lights now. not going to stay like that forever but i beats paying 1200 for the dealership to fix it
1 - 6 of 18 Posts
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