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No Running/Parking Lights

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running lights were working when i left the house. but when i was pumping fuel at the station i noticed that they werent on.

checked the 32 and 34 fuse and they are both fine.
everything inside works (cluster, maps, dome, etc.)
the lights work for turn, hazards, braking.
headlights and fogs work as well.

what else is there to look for? thanks guys...
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Most likely the pdm(fuse box) or possibly the fcm after having a right low beam issue and lots if research its normally the pdm. I had 11.7v at both the low and high beam connector on both sides. Checked with test light it only lit on the left low beam. So with our computer controlled lights a multi-meter can fool ya. I ran a jumper wire from my left low beam connector to the right. I have to flash the highs and go back to the lows for them to come on. I'm guessing thats tricking the computer. I'll worry about my pdm when more stuff screws up. No reason to waste like $600 just to get rid of my lamp out light.
my headlights, turn signals, brake lights, and hazards are all fine. its just my parking lights. front, rear, license plate lights, and cab lights dont work. theres a relay in there for "parking lamps", is there any way to test it?
There is a way to test them, but I'm not sure on how to explain it. You need to hook 12v to post 30 ground to 85 and then you should have have power at 87a I think. Then leaving 85 and power to 30, put 12v to 86 and your power will go to 87 instead of 87a.. You should have power to where prong 30 goes in. It's easier to swap a relay in that you know works...
1 - 2 of 18 Posts
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