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I will apologize for the long original post, as I want to give all you gearheads a good list of symptoms to go off of. It is a 2006 ram 2500 4x4 with a 48re built by suncoast trans. Engine mods include EFI live 5 position tune switch with a custom tune, a Turbo, Exhaust manifold, Intake, air dog lift pump, and I couldnt even begin to tell you anything about the tunes, but the turbo is 63/68/14 bullit bullseye SS. I bought the truck as it sits, minus the transmission. The trans has a billet flywheel, torque converter and input shaft, along with all the stuff Suncoast does internally. The Problem I am having is a total lack of power and refuses to shift out of first until about 2800 rpm, until engine temp hits about 190-200 degrees, then its like someone flips a switch, or I have to shut it down then start it again, and the thing runs just like normal. Plenty of power, no hesitation, shifts perfect. The codes I got where for the transmission throttle valve. This made no sense to me, but lets be honest I know enough about these diesels to get into trouble, and do basic maintenance. Any suggestions before I go get raped at a shop #metoo
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