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no power on road

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posting this for a friend of mine he bought an older 24v for a farm use truck and took it out on the road today after fixing some of the issues it came with that werent power train related on the road he said he can mash it to the floor and it wont rev past 2100-2200 and can barely get out of its own way and hit 60mph.. in park with the foot to the floor it wont get over 2700-2800 rpm :confused013: anyone had these issues before?
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i have this issue while starting from a stop in my truck that i just bought. if im on the highway and get over 2K RPM then the turbo kicks in and you get rocketed back in your seat but with out being spooled over 2K my truck has zero power. i am also curious
i have not checked the computer yet, most of the dash lights are burnt out and i have not gotten to that step in my repairs yet so i dont know if the check engine is on or not.
its an auto, stock vp44, dont know what FP or boost is at. im installing an airdog in the upcoming weeks but where do i go to check boost pressure?
1 - 3 of 8 Posts
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