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I have a 04 2500, 445,000 miles. Been running fine, always had regular oil changes, no major issues ever. I’ve always done all the work myself.
After the most recent oil change after it warmed up, I was sitting at a stop light, the oil pressure gauge goes to 0. I check the oil it’s good. I crank it up and it does it again. I get the truck back to my shop, put a manual gauge on it at the filter housing, cold the truck has 50-60 psi cold and immediately after start up. As the temps warm up, the gauge bounces all around mostly 2-4 psi but as much as 10 psi. Until it finally gets warmed up all the way and it drops off to 0 psi. As soon as I bump the throttle it jumps up to 10-15 and at 1000rpm is nearly 20.
I changed both the pressure regulator and bypass in the filter housing, both made no change. Changed to a different oil filter as well, no change.
Anywhere else to look? I’ve read about oil pumps and pickups/gaskets, but was just wondering if that would be temp related. I’m hoping it’s not rod/main bearings.
Any advice is greatly appreciated. I don’t want to go through the hassle of pulling the front of the motor and pan off if I’m going to have to pull it and rebuild it anyhow.
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