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No marker lights/ license plate

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02-2500 24v. All lights work except marker and license plate.

I know there's power to the rear as blinkers/hazards/brake/reverse all work. I also have power to the trailer plugs.
Replaced the headlight switch
Replaced the blinker/hazard
Replaced all lights
All fuses and relays are good
Replaced rear abs sensor
Also replaced stereo deck
All my dash lights are fine

I'm coming to the conclusion that I either have a grounding issue or it's the fuse box/tipm. Does anyone have any experience with this or advise on what I should be looking for? Thanks
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All those lights you mentioned have nothing to do with the ones you have that do not work and "having power to the rear" means nothing. Tail, "marker", and license plate lights are all connected to the same power source, the headlight switch but have separate fuses from the headlights. Grounds and power can be tested at each light socket.
Trailer plug connects into each circuit and can short out them too.
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