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Saturday I was moving a load of hay from a ranch about 15 miles from my place.
While there another farmer pulled up to get a load. I noticed that he did not have any lights working on the trailer. He said not only did he did not have any lights, but the brakes were not working.
He loaded up with 20 bales or about 20,000 lbs. on a 40 ft. float which weights close to 9000 lbs., for a total of about 29,000 lbs. He had a 5 year old Chevy 1 ton dually which probably weighted about 8000 lbs., so his all up weight came to roughly 37,000 lbs.

He then proceeded to head out without so much as strapping down a single bale. Keep in mind these bales weight around 1000 lbs. apiece so if they fell off the trailer on the highway and hit another automobile they could do some real damage.

Unfortunately, this is not that uncommon here in the country.
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