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no idea whats going on...

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hello there. im new to these dodge trucks so any kinda help would go a long way.
ok i have a 1997 auto will ONLY 56K on it.
my issue started last week when she wouldnt make it into overdrive.
at about 50MPH she was maxed out. if i tried to exceed that speed it was like the tranny would slip. (what wierd was just before i reached 50MPH the tac would pulsate back and forth from 1500-2000RPM's.)
city driving was fine up until last night. at 35MPH it was like it was going from 2nd to 3rd gear back and forth. (again this time the RPM's were jumping from 1000-2000RPM's)
to me thats wierd because theres no hesitatiion in the motor.
this really sucks and ill to ALL the info you can give me. ty
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check your crank sensor if not that it might be the lockouts in your tranny
thanks for the reply.
im not at all familiar with these trucks.
how do i locate and check the sensor.
i can also add that i noticed this morning driving to work that when i push on the accelarator my RPM's go down and not up. lol
hope im making sense.
Sounds like TPS issues. If your have a multi meter you can check it, but I would bet a replacement would solve that issue. Other possibility is the governor pressure solenoid.
ok the tac drops but not the actul RPM's
if i buy one from napa is that ok?
if i buy one from napa is that ok?
It could be the engine speed sensor. Did you actually find it and check it yet? It may just be loose or need to have the connector cleaned. It is on the front of the motor mounted just above the large main pulley.

Then i would check the TPS = throttle speed sensor next.
Do this before you buy anything> TPS testing and adjustment
ok. i replaced the TPS and still getting the same issues.
the main issue is it shifts perfect all the way through 50mph. i just wont go into o/d.
so last night i tried to use the cruise control it wouldnt work and when pressed it to set my speed at 50mph it made the tranny go in and out of o/d.....the wierd thing about it the timing was such that it be 2seconds in and 2seconds out. back and forth.
any ideas?

You can try bypassing the transmission temperature sensor that sits in the metal transmission line. Replace it with a 1,000 ohm (1k ohm) resistor you can buy from radio shack. It is a cheap test even if it does nothing to help. If the transmission sensor thinks the fluid is to hot it will not allow overdrive.
ok ill give it a try.
any idea why my cruise is not working?
engine speed sensor?
sorry. havnt checked it out yet.
im not sure how to check or what im looking for.
whould that be why my cruise doesnt work?
would a bad engine speed sensor cause my cruise not to work?
any idea why my cruise is not working?
Could be the same reason the od isn't working, bad brake switch.
Replace it, they are only $12 at the auto parts.
Transmission output speed sensor
It's called the vehicle speed sensor real easy to change it controls the cruise control may be your problem but cruise my not be setting cause you aren't getting up to a cruising speed what have you done to it so far pm me.
in know on the fords its important that you buy a motorcraft part for the CPS
when choosing this part would any part store work?
or should i go mopar.
Mopar is over priced I buy parts from cummins there cheaper
in know on the fords its important that you buy a motorcraft part for the CPS
when choosing this part would any part store work?
or should i go mopar.
The ESS, no CPS on a 12 valve, is made by the same company from Cummins as Napa.
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