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No Gear Indicator, No Communication, No Start -TIPM Going Back in the Morning

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2007 5.9 Auto 4x4 Megacab. Background. Bought the truck 1 year ago in the winter and didn't notice the AC didn't work. Month ago took it to a shop to have the AC looked at and was told it needed a new compressor. My son it in the auto mechanics program at the local community college so I let them do the work. They replaced all the lines, condenser, etc. along with the compressor. AC still wouldn't kick on, so they did some testing and found out the fan clutch was not working. Replaced the fan clutch, AC still not working.

Truck had been having some random electrical issues that I was convinced stemmed from the TIPM. So I sent the TIPM off to be rebuild, but the rebuilder said it checked out fine and sent it back. While the TIPM was out I took the opportunity to replace the batteries, put all new battery cables in and clean/check all the grounds.

When the TIPM arrived, I followed the procedure per the rebuilder for a hard reset (overnight). Turn the key to on and everything seems to work (window, radio, HVAC blower, lights, signals, etc.) and the security light goes out but..

A) there is no gear indicator above the odometer (nothing lit up at all)
B) Noticed my CTS2 was not connecting so hooked up scanner and it would not connect either
C) Truck won't crank (however, if I turn the key to run and jump the starter wire to the battery the truck fires right up and runs fine for 5 seconds like it would if the security immobilizer kicked in)

After reading on other post, I tried pulling the fan clutch fuse (no change), checked all the fuses and made sure they are making contact (no change), did another hard reset of the TIPM and reseated all the plugs to the TIPM. The only other thing that I have done that could possibly be a part of this is that before I sent the TIPM off I got 2 new keys, but they programmed without a problem and I used them for a few days before sending the TIPM off, plus all (4 keys) keys remotely unlock the doors just fine.

Contacted the TIPM rebuilder and they have asked me to send it back to them for a second look but I would like to hear others' opinions or experience as to what else it might be if the TIPM really is fine.
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What were random electrical issues?
Using FSM double check wiring you replaced .

Check fuses for ignition switch?
Then I would try troubleshoot why ignition switch is not working
Got the TIPM back and they said it was fine including all the fuses are correct and not blown. Re-connected all the TIPM plugs, double checking each connection. Connected the power cable to the TIPM. Connected both positive battery cables then both negative cables. Unlock truck with key fob. Turn key to run for 120 seconds per the TIPM rebuilder, pulled the key out and then back in to try and start. NOTHING. Same exact symptoms. Still no gear indicator at all and no communication (there is power at the plug however because the scan tool gets power) through the OBD port.

I'm guessing next stop is to what is going on with the ECU. Lots of google searching shows that several have had this exact issue but can't seem to ever find what the solution was to the problem!
Just asking to see if you managed to get this solved?

I have the same issues except the TIPM and ECU have been rebuilt.
I have the same issues except the TIPM and ECU have been rebuilt.
Well, yes and no. Started at the OBD port and the power, grounds and CAN Bus wires all checked out. Someone mentioned a similar problem and had a bad ABS module. I unplugged the ABS plug (near driver side battery) and my PRNDL came up when the key was on. However when switched to run they go away and still no crank. I cleared all the codes and via the TIPM diagnostics reset the ECM. It appears to reset but I still can’t connect to it. However if I put the key to run and activate the starter, the truck will start and run. I did that and drove it around the block. Re-ran codes and have code P0708 which is something about the ECM detected a problem with the neutral safety switch/range sensor. I’m going to replace the range sensor and see what happens but have not had a chance to do that yet.
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