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No fuel coming from the injection pump

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I have a 94 dodge. This is my daily driver. The water in fuel sensor was leaking so I replaced it. I thought that I had the fuel filter filled with diesel because I was getting fuel out of the bolt on the side of the pump. Turns out the fuel filter was not full and all I accomplished was to pump all of the remaining fuel out of the pump. Me bad what can I say.

So I go through all of the steps to bleed the system. The fuel filter is full and with the bolt cracked on the side of the pump I get lots of fuel coming out. But no fuel is coming out of the injection pump. I have cranked the engine over for close to 10 minutes in 30 second to one minute stints. Still no fuel coming out of the pump.

The fuel shut off is working. Both when I crank the engine and if I push it up.

I have read a bunch of the threads on this forum and others and watched videos on bleeding the fuel system. I can't figure out what else I can do other than to keep cranking the engine over.
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When I was searching to see where the weep hole might be I saw them in the same place as in your picture and also higher up on the side of the pump. The weep hole looks like a drilled hole. Waiting to hear back from the seller. Not going to get my truck running today. Bummer
Did not get a response from the seller. I have started the refund process with Ebay. None of my local auto parts stores have one in stock. Will be ordering another pump tomorrow. Get it sometime next week.
Crazy idea. What if I disassembled the pump and then drilled a weep hole in the same place as in GAmes' picture and in the pictures I have seen online. Clean out any chips and put it back together. I wonder if it is just a hole. Or if there is something inside. I bet the housing is pretty soft and would be easy to drill. Or I could chuck it up in my mill and use a small end mill to drill the hole.

Some Ebay sellers don't like to mess with paying to have an item returned. Too costly. So you get the refund and also keep the item. I have had that happen in the past. Not often.
If your preheater was that lose it could have been you problem. It may have let air into the system.
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What really surprised me was the housing was barely finger tight. It came off with no force at all.
I believe you have stumbled on the cause. If the filter bowl wasn't tight it probably was the air leak.

edit; I see YogiBayor beat me to it. Lift pumps don't normally fail without warning. I wouldn't be surprised the engine will start if you reinstall the old one.
My thought also about the preheater. I am going to take it totally apart today. The center section also doesn't look to be on all the way. The lift pump that I took off my engine was made by AC in England. Probably a replacement pump. Not OEM. It had part #3925709. Searched for that and found listings for lift pumps for my truck with that part number.
Once again I'm not sure you read Joe G's write-up. The "center section" is the heater that most of us discard.
I have read his write up several times and plan to read it again before I tear into the preheater. Have not yet made the decision to toss or keep the heater.
Have not yet made the decision to toss or keep the heater.
Do you have one good reason to keep it?
Any time GAmes agrees that is a go.
The new lift pump arrived today a 2:30 this afternoon. Just finished getting it installed. Took 5 1/2 hours. The new pump is just like the pump that GAmes posted a picture of. It pumps like champ. Took no time at all to bleed the system and the engine fired right up. Only took a couple of cranks and it started. I am a happy camper tonight.
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I would like to thank everybody who helped me get my truck running. I really appreciated all of the ideas and suggestions that you folks shared with me.
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So was it a lift pump? or the heater/strainer not being tight do you think? I thought in my case it was extremely odd (especially because I have a FP gauge and it was 25-30 psi right before filter change) that the bad lift pump suddenly showed because of a filter change, but I did want people to know that was absolutely the case with my truck.
I don't know if it was a bad lift pump. But that is what I suspect. The new pump pumps lots of fuel. Didn't take any time at all to bleed the system and the truck started right up.

I have another problem that I started a new thread on today. Driving into town the truck made a clunk noise and now I don't have any gears. No R, D, 2, or 1. Park still works. From what I am reading on the forum is that the input shaft may have broken. I found a trouble shooting guide and will go through the steps tomorrow. Have no idea what a rebuilt trany might cost me or if I can rebuild it myself.
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