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I ran it on extreme once I got on the highway. Started to defuel (Pyro/Boost) on the on-ramp. Definitely some smoke, not a ton at least from my point of view.

Got in the hammer lane, and hit 90 going around a car in 6th. Didn't bother downshifting. Started to defuel again, and wondered WTF until I saw the speedo. Had no idea I got up that fast that quick.

Couldn't feel the clutch slipping either, so I think I got a good one - at least for now.

Got the Cat Full message on the overhead...truck didn't de-rate and the BADP box was definitely keeping the OEM pyro's up around 1100*. Glad I tapped the other one included with the PMT. No CEL lights from it though - just the one about the EGR removal.

I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks Kevin!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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