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Nitto Trail Grappler 37X12.50 Vs. 37X13.50... Anyone run the 13.50's?

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Hey guys, after tons of research I've decided on the lift & wheels & tires I'm gonna get... But I'm still on the fence with the tire width.

6" Zone drop bracket lift (for now)
20x9 BMF wheels (zero offset, 5" BS)
37" Nitto Trail Grapplers M/T (either 12.50 or 13.50)

I know I can clear the Nitto 37x12.50's, lots of people do. (Actual width: 12.99)
But I would rather have the Nitto 37X13.50's (Actual width: 13.58)

Basically I want as much width as I can get on this rim with a 37" height without rubbing, the 13.50's also have a slightly better load rating. (+110lbs/tire I think)

The 13.50's are only about 0.6 inches wider than the 12.50's according to Nitto, so you're looking at a tire that sticks out just a hair over 1/4" more on either side than the 12.50's... I really don't see that making much of a difference but what bothers me is that most people who run Toyo 37X13.50's (actual width:14.0) do seem to have rubbing issues... I know that if I go with the 12.50's & there is plenty of room, I'll wish i had gone with 13.50's... But if I go ahead & go with the 13.50's now & there is any rubbing at all, its going to drive me crazy!
I don't mind trimming a little plastic or even getting a spacer kit for the front bumper, I just don't want any rubbing on the actual fenders or control arms because there's really no good fix for that.

What do I do???? :confused013:
Anyone successfully running these on a similar setup yet? I think the 13.50 size is pretty new for Nitto's.

Opinions & especially experience would be appreciated :)
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I have a 5" RC lift with 20x10 fuel rims with a -24 offset. Tires are 37x13.50x20.
There is no rubbing issues with the front bumpers or control arms. Actually have plenty of room as far as the control arms GI. Now the rear of the front fender, there's is nothing u can do as far as them not rubbing. Mine only rub at full lock when I'm off camber somewhere. Regular turning it won't rub... Its close but won't rub. And trust me, I've trimmed anything and everything. Lol
Thanks for the info bro, do you have Toyos or Nittos?
Usually rubbing issues on the rear fender can be cured by simply swapping over to some slightly longer control arms, I know TGC and a few other companies sell 1/2" longer arms & probably other lengths as well. But if you're already pretty close on the front you might just transfer the rub from the back to the front with the longer arms.
It's not that big of a deal to me. Like I said, very rarely do they hit. As far as tires go, I have the toyo m/t's
Thanks for the info Bud, you should fill out your sig so we know more about your truck & the mods you have :thumbsup:
I always forget to do that.
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