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Newbie's Guide to Inspecting a Truck

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Hey I am new to diesel's and I am going this Friday to look in person with the intent to buy an '07 5.9 2wd 3500 dually 6spd quad cab 115,xxx miles. I am looking for tips to inspect this truck for anything you guys would consider a deal breaker. (ie sooty oil I have read, High dollar repair items) I appreciate your feedback.
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-trick for the blow by someone told me is to take the filler cap and turn it upside down and put it back over the hole, if it "blows" off not bounces off from the rattle of the motor then it has blow by.
-Take the turbo inlet tube off and wiggle the compressor wheel there shouldnt be shaft play, meaning it shouldnt wiggle side to side, also spin the wheel it should freely spin it shouldnt bind up or stop suddenly it should spin for a second or two when you give it a quick flick with your finger.
-Also smell the oil on the dipstick if it smells like diesel fuel thats bad.

Aside from that just make sure it pulls hard like it should in the power band, there shouldnt be any real laggy spots in the acceleration especially being a manual. Good luck and hope this truck works out for you bud.
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