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Newbie's Guide to Inspecting a Truck

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Hey I am new to diesel's and I am going this Friday to look in person with the intent to buy an '07 5.9 2wd 3500 dually 6spd quad cab 115,xxx miles. I am looking for tips to inspect this truck for anything you guys would consider a deal breaker. (ie sooty oil I have read, High dollar repair items) I appreciate your feedback.
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Blowby, you'll hear it 100 times...

Take it for a long enough test drive to get it up to temp. Park it, leave it running and open the oil filler cap. If it puffs major smoke out then it is all bad news. A haze is normal. Set the cap in the hole (don't screw it in) if the cap bounces and puffs smoke around it then it's pretty bad. :thumbsup:

The usual rust, tires, check for programmers. How it drives. Get neew tie rod ends and ball joints on it before u buy it. Tell them you don't want it if they dont!
Good Luck Bud:thumbsup:

Let us know how u make out
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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