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Hey everyone, I've been lurking around doing a bunch of reading and decided to join up. Just finding ways to make my truck run/tow better, found some things in the for sale section I need to pick up and what not.

I have an 07 3500 Mega Cab 5.9 auto, traded off my 06 2500 Mega Cab with the Hemi for it. I liked the 06 but the gas mileage was killing me and the 07 has been making up for it but I still can't break out of the teens. Current mods, 5" Down Pipe Turbo back no muffler exhaust from Flo-Pro, S&B CAI with Scoop and I'm picking up an Edge Juice with Attitude this weekend. I was thinking of a Smarty POD but I like the idea I can change on the fly and from what I found and if I'm reading correctly I can stack it with a Smarty Jr.

Anyway I just wanted to say HI and if anyone has some other tricks to help a Diesel Newbie out that would be fantastic!


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