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Hello everyone--just joined this forum and recently bought a 98 Dodge Cummins (330k), extended Cab , with a nice work utility box on the back--a real bargain(2500.00) at an equipment auction... Now I am looking for some good info on an upgrade parts to gain more HP, for Pulling and a lot more acceleration.

Also, I have been a ford Powerstroke owner for several years and I have an intimate knowledge and experience with the 6.0liter PS--tore it all the way down to heads-to replace cracked heads, bad injector cups--studded--on a couple occasions--(no Start)--had to replace High Pressure oil pump-bad injectors, etc--So, what I am tryin to infer is that I am capable of any work and repair on these diesels motors...One reason why I bought the dodge--I had an idea of deStroking the Ford....but I like this Cummins, except its not 4wd--the only week point at this time.

Now--the day I picked up the truck from the auction site-it did not start to well and the transmission was slipping--once I was on road driving--the thing was a real dog, especially under a load goning up small hills--I replaced the fuel filter, learned how to prime the fuel system with the mechanical pump--motor dogin problem solved--took it to a local shop to have all fluids serviced--transmission oil was thoroughly flushed--stuff came out black, like Molasses! and stank like e! After this the truck starts, and drives like it should. pulls very strong--trailer with construction equipment.

Ok--the little bit of reading I have done on this site about upgrades--has me on a good start to understanding this motor--and I feel that this thing will be a piece of cake to work on in contrast to that 6.0 Powerstroke... Also, I have a small coolant leak on the front of the head--I am gonna have to pull head to replace gasket or dump in a bottle of the leak stop?

As for upgrades--suggestions please on items--parts numbers--sources for : for Pulling HP-torque-acceleration:

exhaust and intake springs--
Head Stud Bolts? Are they needed with mods? Governors spring kits?
Fuel Plate(I don't wont to be filing mine),
Turbo upgrade on housing...?
Exhaust--straight pipe? size? any?
Any other suggestions?

Any good links to manuals for repair manuals--torque specs, etc?

On a budget--so I need to keep low-
Any digital Gauge setups to monitor EGT, Boost, etc? if not , a gauge package is in order..

And I know I should consider tranny work with any significant increase HP--may have to wait a few weeks..months--but what are the suggestions here?

Thanks for any help and input --I could probally read for days and find all the info inside this forum--but I have too many other work related projects I need to complete, so I am trying to cut down on my research time on the internet with these questions and hopefully have a thread that will contain most of ya'lls best suggestions and solutions from your own experience in one nice package to refer to ....



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if its a auto rebuild it the first time. valve body and torque converter. why not grind your own plate
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