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Newb vp change

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A lot of reading but think this is my first post. 01 LB auto, stock 236k, Texas truck, 3rd owner. Truck stalled while idling as the trailer was loaded. Restarted after a couple cranks. No engine codes. Driving home from scrap recyclers, at 50mph the truck started to miss badly. Check engine light came on. It would idle fine. Had truck flat bedded home. After a day it would not start. Pulled 251, 252, 1688 codes with scan tool. Have air dog lift pump. It puts out 12psi on gage and was changed out for new a couple months prior. Was only changed cause it had 100k on it.
Had power and ground at VP injection pump plug. Hot wired VP, still no fuel at injector lines.
As I understand, when changing vp, the following should also be replaced: cam sensor, lifter cover gasket, power steering seal, vacuum pump seals, power steering hoses, fuel line grommets, fuel line gaskets, overflow valve. Anything else while 'in there?" Thank you.
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All that isn’t necessary unless you want to. But with that many miles, might as well.
When you say lifter cover gasket, I think that's the tappet cover. I did mine while it was out.

I would replace the whole cover and not just the gasket.

I have read many people that just changed the gasket, and the old cover gets bent a little and then won't seal.

You don't need a billet one, a new stock one works just fine.

98.5-02, 24V Dodge Diesel Pushrod Cover -3936249 (

I also did the cam sensor while I was in there.
I did the same 100k on the VP and no leaks on the tappet cover.
If it ain't broke, don't fix it. It will be easier to replace those things with vp out of the way though.
Op -your philosophy is the same as mine -don't waste the labor of it is within arms reach, whilst there.
Re-do all your ground ends too ..being a TX truck you are probably Ok....but......your are there.
Good points on replacing the pushrod cover and grounds. Thank you.
There is some reasoning for some of that, especially the tappet cover gasket or vacuum pump seal. Those usually leak by that mileage and age. The rest of it only if needed. maybe the cam sensor because of proximity.
There is also a lot of stock in the statement "Don't screw with what ain't broke."
Lots of repairs on theses trucks is mechanic error or caused by it.
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