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After about a year of lurking and tossing around the idea of getting a Cummins I finally took the plunge and picked up an 08' QCSB Larmie 6-sp with 68K on the clock. Looking forward to the upgrade from an 02' Pathfinder in towing my CJ7 and (eventually) boat.

Truck looks to be stock for the most part except for wheels, 315/70's, and I think a lift (although unverified). If one of the salty old vets takes a look at the pic and can verify/discredit this I would appreciate it.

Not that anyone really cares, but it should remain pretty much stock except for EGR and DPF deletes coming in the VERY near future (fiance says that I hate the environment - I disagree as I only dispise the EPA). And (of course) the obligatory tailgate lock/hose clamp mod to keep all the Philadelphia rif-raff from jacking the gate.

Now for the eye candy:

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