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newb introduction, and mod plan request.

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yaaay.. so I'm an avid road-racer, and autoXer.. who has taken the leap into trailering the race-car.

That being said, I am no newb to modding cars, to make them much quicker, and reliable while on track.. however, I am REALLY new to the specifics of diesels.

I've borrowed a couple trucks to tow my 24' enclosed trailers to track, and have realised that I def want to go diesel. My old shop truck was a 99 dodge, gasser, which did fine.. but could use more power.

There is a guy around the corner from me selling another 99 Dodge, Cummins, 5mt,ext cab, 2wd long-bed, with 68K miles. he's asking around $9500.

do you guys think that is a fair price?

It looks bone stock, minus a turbo brake.

if i were to go this route, I'd like to know what you'd suggest to keep this truck as reliable as possible, get the best fuel economy, and enough power, that i don't feel the trailer behind me.

Is there a specific vendor you'd recommend?

initially, I planned on installing some sort of low-fuel-pressure indicator light.. any suggestions on one? I've found the one by BD.

From there, maybe more open exhaust, and intake.. (is the stock box ok, with fresh filters?? or is after-market the way to go).

Not looking for crazy power.. but the truck needs to be able to drive coast-to-coast.. with out missing a beat..

Thanks in advance,
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you come to the right place man:thumbsup:

as far as mods go, yer first should be a fuel pressure gauge, and a Air Dog 150 Lift pump:thumbsup:
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