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Newb from Houston

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First, let me say what an incredibly informative forum you all have here... I'm a newbie to Diesels and this site helped me allot in the purchase of my new to me 2000 Ram 2500 SLT QCLB 4x4 w/CUMMINS TURBO DIESEL backed up by a 6-speed Manual Transmission.

The truck itself is fairly basic (and stock). It is a one owner (bought from a co-worker) with 124K on the clock. Comes with A/C, Power Windows/Locks/Mirrors, Cloth Seats, Rubber Floors (a plus in my book) and that's about it. I believe it is the camper/tow package as the rear end is supported by some serious looking leaf packs. I'm sure decoding the VIN properly would help me find out for sure what's all on it :doh:

Things I will be adding:
Had the pump tested and we are currently seeing 17psi, however I need to be in "the know". So I will have Pyro, Boost and Fuel Pressure installed ASAP.
The truck sat for almost two years and was started once a month (not driven from what I understand). So, the exhaust rattles, I think the resonator is falling apart in the inside... not sure. Doesn't matter, going to add the Magnaflow 4" turbo back PRO series model #17924
Air Filter:
Already added the BHAF w/ Outerwear

so those are the basics... if you guys have any other "need to do now" items I need to be aware, please let me know!


Here's the truck
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