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New turbo shaft play?

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I have never touched a new turbo before, but the S300 that Piers Diesel sent me (to go along with the new HT3B) seems to have a lot of shaft play in it. I think it has more play than the old stocker with almost 300,000 brutal miles on it. The S300 has more play than the new HT3B.

Is this normal? Should I take a short vid and post it? Maybe I am just being paranoid, but it just seems odd to see the fins be able to move around so much.
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Any babbit style bearing will need to have some amount of "endplay". I don't think it is likely a problem. Unless this is a ball bearing turbo. If there were no endplay, it would bind up when hot. Some babbit bearing applications call for as much (or more) as .100" which is nearly 1/8". I am sure they will be able to tell you if it's a problem, but if they tell you it is not, I would believe them.

The measurement to worry about is not end play, but deflection. And you will need a dial indicator to check that. I would be worried if it were more than .003" deflection. That's just off the top of my head, though. Keep in mind that the turbocharger shaft/turbines will be pushed to one side always when operating which will make the shaft endplay disappear completely for practical applications. So the endplay is kind of irrelevant.
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