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New truck, going to dealer tomorrow. anything I should have them enable?

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I have been reading about DRL's, high idle, etc.

The truck is going in tomorrow morning to have some warranty stuff looked at, what should I have the code? I was thinking about having them enable the DRL's, what benefit does the high idle give me and what else should I have them turn on or off?
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DRL and high idle are what I have the high idle lets it run up to 1200rpm's to help warm it up on cold morning's other then that everything else like auto door locks can be done by you it's easy just play with the top display .
your dealer likely will not know that the high idle can be enabled on the manual trans. i have written about how to do it on here, and it only takes about ten minutes. look through my posts and ground the wire i talk about. THEN have the dealer enable the high idle. that way you can check to see if they did it correctly before you leave the dealer. while the high idle does make for faster warm up in the cool months and better a/c cool down while idling, the most important reason is to prevent wet stacking (which causes soot and carbon buil-up) while idling. you can have the dealer enable it first, but you have to ground the wire before it will work. some guys have done that after the dealer, just to realize that the dealer didn't really enable the high idle.
I was not aware that the dealer could enable the DRL's. Will it run the turn lamps or head lights?
yes it turns on the headlight's
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