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New Transmission!!

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I have a '05 3500 with 72000 miles on it. I bought it used from the dealer and i was quiestioning the clutch at the time of signing so we put it in the paper work. I also bought the extended warranty. They took it in to get it checked out and long story short they are replacing the trans and clutch and are not gonna charge me a thing. (Yes i feel lucky) It is still in the shop though.

From what i understand Dodge has only used that tranny for a few years before they switched to the G56.? Do you think they will be putting in another NV5600 or a G56? Is one better than the other? I do a lot of pulling. Also i read that the factory was not putting in enough lube in the trannys which has caused a lot of them to go belly up. Does anybody know if they have fixed this with the new NV5600's? Maybe the fill plug is higher so you can add more? Does the G56 have the same issues? What lube do you all recommend?

Thank you for your responses.
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i would hope they put that G56 in. thats a crazy good trans.
Does anybody know anything about this tranny?
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