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Alright im gonna lay it on the table first off that i have never owned a truck let alone a diesel. My dad has always had a 97 Laramie 2500 gasser 4x4 that i drove regularly in high school. My brother last year bought a Laramie cummins 4x4 12v (5 on the floor) (2nd gen). Im not sure of the year i think my dad told me it was a .5 year because its the extended cab with the suicide 3rd and 4th doors. He has it all hopped up with the tow mirrors and tires. its a sick looking truck.

I however was a fast car kind of guy growing up and i drive a 95 camaro z28 6spd. Doing some research and talking with my brother who now owns 2 also a Laramie cummins 2500 automatic short cab (2nd gen amateur pulling truck). He was telling me 12v 5spd is the way to go. Now i have always been a 6spd kind of guy cause i get crazy good gas milage out of my v8 camaro with that 6th gear. (1200rpm at 75mph)

Here is what im looking to get out of it:
Daily driver 12mile trip to work
weekend highway driver 70mile 1 hour trip - 200mile 3 hour trip (visiting my woman)
Best gas milage i can get because of long trips
occasionally pulling parents camper for them (tow behind not sure of the length) Other than that no other pulling.

My questions/concerns to you all:
1) What should i look for 24v or 12v
2) 5spd or 6sp (automatic is out of the question)
3) trying to get the 1200rpm at 70 mph type of highway
Obviously i wont get ^^^ but i want to save some money in gas for highway trips
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